We are the Stoner Aliens! 👽💨 We smoke a little bit of pot and buy a lot of NFTs. We are an exclusive club of NFT Dealers. Our Genesis 1 Aliens are a collection of (100) 1/1 hand created Aliens, minted 10 at a time per week. Our Genesis 1 collection consists of a floor and mint price that increases in stages. 🛸 🛸 🛸 We have 7 Clubs of Dealers. You earn your spot in the Club by joining the discord server. See the breakdown below for Mint pricing. Our "100 Alien OG Club" is full. We are currently accepting members into our "Lit Cheeba Club". Our Genesis 2 Collection consists of 4,200 Auto Generated Aliens who live on the Ethereum Blockchain. Genesis 2 Mint Date August 2nd 2022. Whitelist Mint Price 0.06 ETH Public Mint Price 0.09 ETH

Roadmap 1.0

Here's a roadmap of our product to highlight the milestones from the initial phase to delivery and future updates. Each of our clubs will have the folllowing mint price. You earn your club by joining the discord and participating.

  • 10%
    OG Alien 100 Club

    (0.025 ETH Mint 👽)

  • 20%
    Stoned Moonwalkers Club

    (0.03 ETH Mint 👽)

  • 30%
    Spaced Out Greys Club

    (0.04 ETH Mint 👽)

  • 40%
    Stoned Hustlers Club

    (0.055 ETH Mint 👽)

  • 60%
    Lit Cheeba Club

    (0.075 ETH Mint 👽)

  • 80%
    420 Dank Club

    (0.1 ETH Mint 👽)

  • 100%
    Blackhole Loopers Club

    (0.13 ETH Mint 👽)

Minting Funds

  • 45% Buying Crypto & NFTs / Floor Management
  • 35% Creators
  • 15% Marketing & Collabs
  • 5% Charity

5% Royalty on all future sales on Open Sea to the Creator.

** 100 Aliens have been reserved for Marketing / Giveway purposes.

Merchandise Funds

  • 60% NFT holders
  • 30% Creators
  • 10% Charity

Roadmap 2.0

Here is a highlight of our Roadmap 2.0 which we will be releasing upcoming August 2022. Join our discord to score yourself a Whitelist by being active!


Meet the motivators behind Stoner Aliens!

  • iLLegal Alien


  • WarriorBlood89

    Community Moderator

  • xX65CudaXx

    Community Moderator

  • qwerty_azerty_

    Community Moderator

  • SLEstak

    Creative Strategist / IRL Coordinator

  • Yungxcrowley

    Lead Blockchain Developer

  • Lil Shock

    Promotional Artist


Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions about Stoner Aliens NFT.

What is an NFT?

NFT stands for Non Fungible Token. It's a visual representation of Cryptocurrency.

Stoner Aliens are a group of pot smokers who love NFTs and giving back to charity. Passive income is our main goal!

We will hold the minting based on supply, demand and the floor price. We plan to mint roughly 10 per week or bi weekly.

We use ETH on Polygon. It's ETH on the polygon network. It's great because the gas is cheap!

We offer a community wallet with group ownership to the first 100 Aliens sold. We purchase NFTs and Crypto as a mutual fund distributed to holders once sold for profit.

We have 7 separate dealer clubs with separate mint pricing. (see chart above)

There are 100-200 Members in each of our Dealers Clubs. 7 Clubs total.

You earn your rank by joining the discord. You keep your rank by staying active.